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The council of Holice has decided to establish the Register of Local Heritage on 30 May 2023 with the following items:

  • The list of sacral heritage includes 3 chapels (Mala Budafa, Stara Gala, Cechova), 6 image columns (Kostolna Gala, Posfa, Centofa, Mala Budafa, Velka Budafa, Stara Gala) and 2 crosses (Stara Gala, Posfa).
  • There are 7 memorials listed: the monument to the heroes of WWI and WWII, a monument with the Hungarian mystic bird “Turul” and with the crown of Hungary, and the monument of non-born children. In addition it lists the monuments of first written mentions of Posfa, Cechova and Centofa.
  • There are 22 civic constructions listed in the register: the manor and house of the noble family Vermes, the statue of Mercury in Velka Budafa, a traditional thatched roof house in Cechova, the remainings of the caste in Beketfa (a granary and a barn) and a traditional longhouse left to the parish. Right to the parish is the building of the school that belonged to the church (18th century) and next to it is the building of the ‘new school’ (built in the 1930’s). There is another notable building on the main square (Nr 22) preserving signs of civic architecture. Another longhouse can be found in Stara Gala (Nr 43) and there’s another historical school building in Cechova (Nr 51). There are 2 shadoofs and eight iron belfries preserved in the village.
  • Two unused cemeteries (one in Centofa and the Jewish cemetery in Kostolna Gala) got also listed, along with 5 historical graves.
  • As part of our natural heritage the park called “Nagykert” (big garden) in Velka Budafa, the oak tree on main square and the meadows in Beketfa got listed.
  • There are 2 collections in the register: the historical collection of local documents and photography, and the artistic collection “Message Art”. The traditional wood carving displayed on the main square and a tradtional loom got also listed.
  • As part of our intellectual heritage we have registered 9 historical dates (referring to first written mentions): Beketfa (1423), Cechova (1349), Centofa (1345), Kostolna Gala (1245), Mala Budafa (1773), Velka Budafa (1251), Stara Gala (1496), Posfa (1416) and the church itself (1253). In addition to the dates, titles of localities in the neighbourhood got listed too: Kalmanhaza, Kondoros, Taboka, Montova, Ihanta, Nadoslak, Becsked, Potehaza, Regence.