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Public services and well-being. Due to its central location in the region Holice provides a number of public services:

Post office

A post office is located in the centre of the village and is open Monday to Friday providing basic post offices services.

Education & culture

We fund two kindergartens to support the development of children in pre-school age. Both kindergartens provide education in Hungarian language with a capacity of 57 children.
There is a primary school for children in the age of 6-15 also provides education in Hungarian language and its building was renovated from EU funds in 2006, further renovations of the gym toke place in 2016.
The regular meeting place for the community is the community centre that is the home of all major events, as well as weddings and other parties. The community centre serves with a public library.


The village maintains a health centre (open Monday to Friday) that provides basic healthcare services for children and adults, dentist and pharmacy services.

Grocery, shopping, bars and other

The council welcomes and stimulates new business.

There are four grocery stores in the village (one of them open on weekends too) that can satisfy the everyday shopping needs. If you prefer home grown, organic food, a number of families are engaged in farming – growing vegetables, fruits and livestock. There is a farm grows hundreds of sorts of flowers.

There are specialised shops for:

  • flowers and gifts,
  • cosmetics, household
  • articles and gardening,
  • construction and renovation materials.
  • When visiting you will find multiple companies and entrepreneurs providing a variety of services: car repair workshops, masons, plasterers, carpenters, wrapper, plumbers and all other basic services that you might require around your household.

There is centre providing beauty services: beautician, hairdresser, pedicure and manicure.

If you are up for a drink there is a number of local bars you can choose from. When hungry you can enjoy pizza in one of the local pubs (or have it delivered home). When it’s hot, you can enjoy the ice cream shop of a local producer.

And if you were short on fuel, there is a petrol station right in the village.